• Project type


  • Category
    Preserved Food and Drink
  • Client
  • Country | Year
    Armenia, 2023
  • The Brief
    VanFood is a food production company that prides itself on delivering high-quality preserved goods to its customers. Their goal is to make fresh, healthy food a part of everyone's lives, and they are committed to using only the highest-quality fruits and vegetables for quality produce. Having been in the market for over 7 years, the brand needed to come up with a new, brighter concept and reach a wider audience. Achieving this objective was made possible through professional branding, where every element is harmoniously tailored to embody the brand's concept.
  • Creative Concept / Naming

    1. The brand concept for VanFood was built around its high-quality products. To showcase the natural beauty of Armenian fruits and vegetables, we used a clean and fresh design with bright colors that convey the company's dedication to quality.

    2. We kept the original brand name, which was already well-known to customers, and improved the campaign by revealing the connection between the region's fertile land and the name.

  • Logo Design
    The logo features the brand name and an illustration of fruits and vegetables in bright colors that align with the brand's concept of producing natural goods. To add an authentic touch to the packaging, the illustrations are hand drawn and digitalized for maximum impact. The realistic images of juicy fruits and vegetables remind us of the quality of VanFood. Similar illustrations would better target a larger audience and convey the brand's idea.
  • The Result

    Our branding project resulted in a modern and clean design that reflects VanFood's commitment to sustainability and high-quality products. The simple packaging illustration is still eye-catching, which was our target feature. We believe that this branding concept will help VanFood connect with new customers and stand out in the food production market.