• Project type


  • Category
    Organic Honey
  • Client
    Robee Organic Honey
  • Country | Year
    Armenia, 2022
  • The Brief
    Robee Honey is a family-owned business that produces raw and natural honey directly from bee hives. With over two decades of history, the brand presents a passion for beekeeping, producing high-quality honey that is both delicious and healthy. The branding was built around the idea of Robee’s authenticity and the unique story behind its name.
  • Creative Concept
    We wanted to capture the story of Robee Honey in a visual identity that would communicate the brand's uniqueness and high-quality product. Our concept was to add personality to the brand by evoking a sense of nature, passion, and warmth. We wanted to create a connection between the consumer and the product by showcasing the story of Robee Honey and highlighting its natural ingredients.
  • Naming
    Inspired by the story of its founder and beekeeper, Grandpa Norik, the name Robee was created from the combination of his beloved grandson's name, Robert, and 'Bee'. An adorable tiny bee representing the little boy was added to the brand to make it more relatable and personable, adding a personal touch to this memorable name and making it stand out in the market.
  • The Result

    The packaging is designed to stand out on the shelves, with a personalized symbol and color scheme immediately grabbing the consumer's attention. The brand identity is consistent across all touchpoints, with the story of Robee Honey being reflected in the product design. The result is a brand that is unique, authentic, and memorable, representing the passion and dedication of Robee.