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  • Country | Year
    Armenia, 2022
  • The Brief
    Parinj, a company founded by advocates of healthy eating, offers a line of organic products made from emmer wheat grains. The brand reconnects with its roots and produces food as pure as it was in the time of its ancestors. They aim to promote a healthy lifestyle using organic food grown and handled without chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or herbicides. The branding created a brand identity that reflected their mission and passion for organic food.
  • Creative Concept
    The creative concept was inspired by the founders' love for whole grains and organic farming. The main challenge was to represent a connection to nature, a return to simpler times, and the pursuit of healthier living. The branding was built around the idea of capturing the essence of this mission and communicating it to the target audience.
  • Naming
    The name "Parinj" was chosen as it is the Armenian word for emmer wheat. It perfectly fits the brand and is aligned with the company's mission of promoting healthy living through organic food. The name also had a unique and memorable quality, making it easy to remember.
  • The Result
    The final result of the branding was a compelling design with a symbolic logo and packaging to reflect the company's values and communicate its message to the target audience. With recognizable packaging, the brand will surely stand out from the competition with modern design and quality.