• Project type


  • Category
    Pest management solution
  • Client
  • Country | Year
    Armenia, 2023
  • The Brief
    Bioguard is a pioneer in the biocontrol industry in Armenia and the region, aiming to become a leading producer of beneficial insects and natural predators. The brand's focus is to provide an affordable and effective natural pest management solution that was created on the latest scientific research and pest management practices.
  • Creative Concept / Naming

    1. The main idea of branding was to highlight the power of nature and the ways to incorporate predatory insects into sustainable farming. The design elements were carefully created to showcase the ecological benefits of using predators for pest control, emphasizing the idea of biological antagonism and its invaluable role in organic farming. The main goal was to create a visual language for branding that would evoke a sense of balance, sustainability, and the vibrant beauty of nature.

    2. The name should have been as unique and memorable as the product itself, which would best encapsulate the essence of the brand’s mission. Bioguard was chosen as an ideal representation of the company's dedication to safeguarding plants and the environment through biological control methods. The name perfectly conveys a sense of trust, reliability, and eco-friendliness, the qualities the product offers its customers.
  • Logo Design
    The Bioguard logo incorporates several elements: the name of the brand in a clear and emphasized font; a green shield as a symbol of protection; and an outline of a plant, the "thing" that needs protection. The logo features clean lines, creating a visually appealing and memorable mark in an eye-catching green color. The concept of the packaging plays a key role in the user experience with the brand. A well-thought-out package can help protect and keep insects within, make it easy to open, and use them without any additional tools. This can create a positive user experience that makes the user more likely to purchase the product again in the future.
  • The Result
    The branding project for Bioguard requested maximum out-of-the-box thinking to create a compelling design and brand identity for such a rare and new product in the market. The project has successfully captured the brand's vision and values through a thoughtful creative concept, impactful naming, a visually appealing logo design, and storytelling, building an identity as a trusted leader in biocontrol. With Bioguard's products, customers will step towards more natural and sustainable farming, protecting their plants, promoting healthy growth, and contributing to a healthier environment.