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Dear partner, Welcome to Non Gravity, a premium Strategic Marketing agency ready to meet your business requirements.

Branding & Brand identity, Corporate brand style
You have a brilliant business idea, and we have branding excellence to make your vision come true. Strategic branding is neither an application nor an instrument but a comprehensive strategy and complex process of giving your idea shape, name, story, symbol, and uniqueness.

By visualizing your idea and creating audience perception through your brand, together, we will step by step lay the road to success.

By taking the noun “brand” and turning it into a verb “branding,” we launch a complex mechanism of shaping your intangible idea.
What can we offer to make your brand stand out in the market?
Brand identity is the set of all the visual elements that make your company unique in the market and recognizable to your consumers. We will start with a brand strategy based on the analysis of the target audience, competitive market, and trends.

By reaching the harmony in individual components, color palette, fonts, and structures, we will bring you to aesthetic brand identity
Brand Strategy Development

Storytelling - Storytelling is the story behind the brand that sums up the brand identity, idea, mission, and core values. By developing engaging and impressive storytelling, we will help to "attract" customers to the brand, create an emotional connection and a sense of belonging.

Brand Resonance - Define how customers feel and think about the product; meaning, response and relationship

Brand Differentiation - Positioning, Personality/Attributes, Brand promise, Archetype, Tone of voice

Brand Resolution - Vision, Mission, Values, Purpose, Value Proposition, Essence.

Logo | Brand Identity

The logo is a symbol to identify your business

The logo is one of the key elements of branding. This visual brand mark may consist of a single symbol or a logotype with a tagline. While branding is a set of details, the logo is single and needs to be unique. It may identify the information about your company, which is why the logo needs to be to the point to best transmit the whole ideology of your company.

The more eye-catching the logo is, the more impact it will have on branding and brand recognition.

The name of the product or company is one of the main elements of branding meant to create the necessary first impression and impact on customers. We will help you create an appealing name that will attract the audience and interest them to find out more about the product (company).
Package Design
Product packaging is the top utmost decision-making factor when making a purchase. The unique packaging allows to differentiate the company's product in the market and to attract customers. Based on the product features and the target audience, we will develop eye-catching packaging to present in the market. The price includes product labels, stickers, wrapping paper, bags, boxes, and ribbons.
The difference
we deliver
Through the “team as a culture” approach, NonGravity builds an effective branding campaign taking the project from ideation to implementation.
UI/UX Designer
Motion designer
Two content writers
Three graphic designers
project manager
Brand Identity
Package 1
Package 2

- Logo Design
  • Logotype (1 option)
  • Corporate Colour(s)
  • Corporate Typeface(s)

- Packaging Design
  • Jewellery box design
  • Paper bag design
  • Brand ribbon design
  • Brand stickers design
  • Wrapping paper design
- Highlight Icons Design
- Logo Animation
- Business Card Design

- Brand Guideline

  • Logotype usage
  • Colour usage
  • Typography usage
  • Layout principles
  • Don’ts
* The price does not include the printing budget
**All the services can be defined finally only after the alignment of expectations.
200.000 AMD
900.000 AMD

Additional services

Brand Resonance
Brand Differentiation
Brand Resolution
Website design

Payment terms

To be agreed based on project scales and terms
In advance
Upon completion

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